Admission Rules

Admission Rules to be a member of the Kazakhstan Association of educational agents

1. The members of the Kazakhstan Association of overseas education agencies (hereinafter KAEA or Association) may be legal entities - commercial and non-profit organizations, regardless of their location, that have expressed their desire to participate in the KAEA and accepted the Association's Charter, Code of Ethics of KAEA members and also met the requirements of the Association for the candidates.

2. Membership in the Association is carried out on the basis of a written application to the President of KAEA, who presents the applicant in the nearest from the filing date General Meeting.

3. The applicant to the Association must attach notarized copies of constituent documents: • Charter and Memorandum of Association,
• Certificate of state registration,
• Statistical card,
• Minutes of the decision of the founders to join the Association (certified by the company seal),
• Bank details (notarized is not necessary)
• Recommendation of the three partners and one member of the association.
• Entrance fee in the amount of 20 MCI.

4. A candidate is considered accepted and shall have the rights of a member, if voted for by 2/3 of the members of the Association by open vote

5. A candidate to the Association shall pay the membership fee in the amount of 200 MCI within 10 days from the date of the decision for membership of KAEA.

6. The rights and obligations of the member of the Association cannot be passed to third parties.

7. A member of the association has the right to:
• Participate in the General Meetings with the right to vote;
• To elect and be elected to the governing and other bodies of the Association;
• Make the agenda of issues of the general meeting related to the activities of the association, to participate in the discussion and adoption of decisions on them;
• Get acquainted with the documents and decisions affecting his/her rights and interests, as well as to be present at the discussion of his/her activities in the Association;
• Require the Association governing bodies to get the information on the status of implementation of decisions of the general meeting:
• Receive from the Association the consultative, methodical and other assistance;
• Receive from the Association the information about KAEA activity, its plans and programs, to review the records at the general meeting during the discussion of the results of the reporting period;
• Participate in the activities held by the Association;
• Transfer the property to the ownership of the association;
• withdraw from the Association unilaterally at the performance of the previously accepted obligations

8. Member of the Association must:
• Comply with the provisions of the Charter of the Association
• Comply with the provisions of the Code of Practice KAEA
• To carry out the decisions of the General meeting;
• Make admission, membership, target payments in the amounts and terms of the order and forms determined by the General Meeting
• Contribute to the achievement of the statutory goals of the association
• Report the Association about the change in the information about himself/herself (registration data, legal address, contacts, and bank details)
• In due course provide the information needed to solve the issues related to the activities of the Association;
• Do not divulge the confidential information about the activities of the Association.

9. Withdrawal from the Association is carried out by submitting a written declaration to the President of the Association, and the minutes of the company founders of his/her withdrawal from the Association. President of the Association shall make a statement to the General Meeting. The general meeting within one month determines the order of execution of previously undertaken obligations by the member towards the Association.

10. Exclusion from the Association members may come in the following cases:
• Failure to comply with statutory regulations and the Code of Practice of KAEA;
• Failure to comply with the decisions of the General Meeting;
• Systematic failure or improper fulfillment of their obligations to the Association;
• Hindering the normal functioning of the Association by their actions or inactivity;
• Failure to pay membership fees in target dates;
• If you are under liquidation.

11. The decision on exclusion from the members of the Association is adopted by the General Meeting, if for it has voted 2/3 members

12. Admission and membership and purpose fees are non-refundable.

President of KAEA
M. Khan