Euroschool Agency

Director of Euroschool Agency

Time is the best chancellor of our actions and intentions. More than 20 years of experience, our agency determined the key directions of our field: the secondary school programs in UK, USA, Switzerland, France and Canada. Secondary education in the Occident countries is a great alternative to the Kazakhstan schools, moreover, a wonderful opportunity to get prepared for further education abroad. In addition, we offer various adults language courses, programmes for children during the summer, and we offer special exclusive programmes for business people and top managers.

Euroschool Agency is a family business, and due to difficult times when Kazakhstan became independent, we have been looking for our own way. Those times people needed high quality of English because new generation was growing up but none could lead them to the faraway and lure Oxford and Cambridge. Now we already definitely know HOW, WHAT and WHERE is better to study and help those who want to gain invaluable experience of studying and working abroad effectively increasing their own competitive advantage. Education abroad important not only because of different way of teaching it is also excellent school life. Children become very independent, self-confident and motivated on their better result. We absolutely believe in what we do and to each child we belong as to own.

Established year: 1994
Address: Almaty city, 174 Tulebayev st.
Phone: +7 727 2616160, +7 727 2616617
Educational and consulting Agency
Astana city branch address: 12 Kunayev st., IP 25
Consultants number: 6