Anglo-Kazakh Centre

Aisulu Zhumagulova
Director of Anglo-Kazakh Centre

The Anglo-Kazakh Centre was established in 1996 and provides all services for studying abroad and teaching foreign languages in Kazakhstan.

AKC works with more than 100 institutions all over the world in such countries, as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, European countries, suggesting different educational programmes. The professionalism of our staff allows us to provide competent and qualified guidance and consultation, helping students in choosing the programme and institution.

Our aim is to pursue excellence in all aspects of Different Languages Teaching (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Kazakh, Russian for foreigners). We teach General English from Basic to Advanced, Intensive English, Business, IELTS. TOEFL, GMAT.

The Centre's mission:
To Provide the Highest Quality Services.

The Philosophy of the company:
Education is the Key to the Doors of Success.

Quality is our Ideal.

The company's policy:
AKC - People, Quality, Leadership and Honesty.

Established year: 1996
Address: Almaty city, 114 Tulebayev st.
Phone: +7 727 2729846, +7 727 2729548
English Language School, Education Abroad
Representation in the cities of Almaty, Astana
Consultants number: 4