Intellect Language School

Marina Khan
Founder&CEO of "Intellect" Agency, President of KAEA.

Education abroad became accessible in Kazakhstan approximately 20 years ago, since then Intellect Agency has been actively serving in providing its services in the proper guidance on selecting the students' pathway to future

Professionalism, honesty and own experience still remain to be the major tools in bringing our students to their success.

Our aim is to assist pupils and students in choosing their specialization, and to offer various ways in achievement of their objectives through individual selection of the country, program, type of educational institution and many more little, but yet very important, factors. Alongside their parents, we monitor the students' studies and are always proud of our students' achievements, academic victories and personal development. We strongly believe that education is a key to success.

At Intellect we are sure that a thoroughly planned educational route might not only-change one's life, but a whole country.

Successful stories of our students for the past 20 years have proven us right.

We wish everyone to find their own unique direction in education!

Established: 12 April 1996
Address: 188 Dzhambul Street, #41, Almaty
Phone: +7 727 3751708
Intellect Language School - IELTS/TOEFL/SAT preparation
Astana Office
Academic councelors: 6